A historical place Gorkha 28/11/2018

Gorkha is the nearest city from the capital city Kathmandu. It is only 143 km from Kathmandu. Gorkha is one of the most important historical places. Gorkha is famous for the King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who was born in Gorkha and united and founded modern Nepal.

Specially Gorkha is famous for the three reasons.

1)The origination of the Gurkha’s army starts from here.

2)The shah king’s family started to make modern Nepal starts from here.

3)The infamous earthquake in 2015 hit Nepal as the Gorkha epicenter.


Places to explore in Gorkha

  • Gorkha Durbar

  • Ganesh Temple

  • Gorkha Museum

  • Mahadev Temple

  • Vishnu Temple

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